Great for Parties

A fun activity for birthday parties, sleepovers, holidays, & more!

All the fun, none of the work

No need to worry about burnt cookies, or a sink full of dishes.

Logo Branded 12 Pack

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Packaged in 8" x 8" box with your company's logo on top.

Contains 12 - 3" cookies.

Requires 3" logo stickers to be provided to Sunflower House Cookies at least 4 days prior to delivery date. Sunflower House Cookies is able to arrange printing of stickers at additional cost. Email for additional information.

Note: A small sticker will be placed on back saying "Made by Sunflower House Cookies" with contact information & ingredient information.

what you get

perfectly baked cookies

Soft baked cookies in the shape of your choice.

creamy buttercream

Select the colors you want.


Cookie decorating isn't complete without some finishing touches! We'll provide some fun sprinkles too!