About Us

Have you ever had an idea that just nags at you until you finally pay attention? Well, that is Sunflower House Sugar Cookies for me. I've been toying with a frost-your-own sugar cookies idea for years. But getting started is hard and life is always busy. But the idea kept getting stronger and more annoying in my head, and finally one day I just knew it was time to stop imagining about it and actually take the leap.

About Sunflower House

These small batch sugar cookies are home-baked from my home in Lincoln, Nebraska where I have a small "baking nook" off of my main kitchen.

When I purchased my home one of the coolest things about it was all the sunflowers planted in the yard. Unfortunately, both the front and back yards were way overgrown and needed a lot of work. But from the moment I first saw the sunflowers, I knew they needed to be incorporated into the remodel.

sunflower house

When my cousin, Megan came the first weekend, she brought me a metal sunflower and said "I've already nicknamed your house 'The Sunflower House', hope you don't mind!" So, I'm leaning in and "Sunflower House" it is.

About Stacy

Christmas Cookie Making Snapshots

I've been baking for as long as I can remember. Mom had me helping her bake probably from the time I was able to start following directions and hold a spoon. And I always loved it. Probably because she always let us lick the spoons and bowl.

There was a lot of cooking and baking in our house growing up. And making delicious foods in the kitchen is something I've never stopped loving. Making and serving foods for others is absolutely my love language.

Christmas Cookie Making Snapshots

About these Sugar Cookies

I have THE BEST recipe for sugar cookies. Plus one secret step that sets them apart from other cookies. Really. (I'm actually very humble about anything else, but I've never tasted a better sugar cookie.) 

I roll my cookies nice and thick so that they stay soft and chewy for days. And I top them with buttercream – not royal icing. You'll get prettier designs with royal icing, but you'll have better taste with buttercream frosting. And that's what's most important, isn't it?

The funny thing is, sugar cookies have never been my favorite thing to make. When it comes to cooking, my philosophy is make it taste great, and perfect appearance is just something I have a hard time caring about. Which for whatever reason, makes it so that I really just don't care for frosting cookies. I am bored after one or two.

So, years ago, when I made the mistake of making these delicious cookies for Christmas - I suddenly had people asking for them in the following years. So I made a deal: I'd make a big batch of them, and we'd have a party so other people could frost them and then we'd all have some cookies to enjoy.

It was a perfect deal for me. I could make my dough, roll out my cookies, and everyone else could enjoy the frosting and decorating. 

And, now my cookie party is available to anyone! Whether you're a party of one or a few, a family wanting to make some memories, a group of friends or coworkers – it doesn't matter. Just choose your cookie pack, your frosting colors, and soon enough you'll have some delicious cookies ready to decorate!