Book our Cookie Decorating Station for your next event.

We'll bring everything event-goers need to decorate fun & festive cookies at your next event. Seasonal & year-round options available.

You can choose to pre-pay to offer the activity free for your guests, or let attendees who choose to participate pay on site. Contact us for details.

Booking Information & Details

There are two methods you can use when booking the mobile cookie decorating station.

1. Pre-pay

You pay for a set number of cookies to be available for your attendees to decorate and offer this as an included part of your event.

You can choose to have 1 or more cookies available per attendee. Attendees will be able to come up and decorate cookies without any additional cost.

Payment is required 14 days prior to the event date. All supplies will be included. Our team will be at the tables to provide set up, assistance, and tear-down.

2. Pay at event

With this option, we will come set up at your event and take payment from attendees to participate.

We do require a minimum guarantee. If the minimum is not met from day-of sales, the difference in balance will be owed by the event host within 7 days of event ending.

To book the Sunflower House Cookie Decorating Station for your event, we require a minimum of 50 expected attendees.

If your event is smaller than this, we recommend ordering our cookie decorating kits instead. We will still be happy to customize these for you as desired.

Available to book for:


corporate events

weddings, graduations

family reunions

sunflower house cookies

The Cookie Decorating Station

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