• 1. Choose your cookie pack!

    We have many shape options including seasonal and year-round choices! Packs come in quanitites of 6, 12, 18 or 36.

  • 2. Choose your buttercream.

    Depending on your cookie order size, you'll get 2-5 colors of Buttercream to go with your cookies. You'll be prompted to choose your colors while shopping.

  • 3. Choose your pick up or delivery date.

    If you're local, you'll be prompted to choose the date and time you'd like to receive your cookies via Free Delivery or Local Pick-up. Keep in mind that your cookies should stay fresh 3-4 days after you receive them.

Featured Kits!

These are our current favorites! Keep scrolling for our full menu.

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6 or 12 Cookie Packs

Choose from six or twelve cookies + 2 colors of made from scratch buttercream. Cookies will arrive perfectly baked and ready to decorate!

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18 Cookie Packs

Choose your shape for 18 perfectly-baked cookies ready to decorate! You'll get to choose 3 colors of our delicious, made from scratch buttercream!

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36 Cookie Packs

With our 36-cookie packs, you'll get 36 perfectly baked cookies in your choice of shape + 5 colors of our made from scratch buttercream!

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